Cascade Falls Big Meadows State Recreation Area South Fork CO Rio Grande County Colorado

Cascade Falls located in the Big Meadows State Recreation Area. Cascade Falls is a short walk about 1/4 mile with a steep section at the end by the falls.  Take your time, this hike is kid friendly and offers some fun climbing over logs and rocks.

The trail head is located in the middle loop of Big Meadows National Forest Campground (the 14-44 campsite loop) it is near campsite #20 and has limited parking. The walk leads you through the forest of spruce and aspen trees, berry bushes, wild flowers and hummingbirds to a lovely cascading waterfall.  The size of the waterfall in depending on the time of year and the amount of recent rainfall or snow melt. This photo was in Late July, so Cascade Falls is smaller than it would be in the spring, late May to mid June.  The walking trail is accessible from May – October.  Winter is only accessible by snowmobile or hearty cross country skiing.

To reach Big Meadows follow the map directions below.