Historical Landmarks

Monte Vista boasts one of the earliest railroad sidings at present day Fullenwider Park, established in 1881 by the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad.  The town now boasts the State Veterans Center, established in 1892, and the oldest Pro-rodeo in Colorado, established in 1919.

The Rio Grande County Museum and cultural center, located in Del Norte, houses a large collection of artifacts, photographs, and more that chronicle the lives of those who first settled in the area. There are also many historical landmark points of interest about those who first came to the area, including Native American petroglyphs, Pfeiffer’s Grave, Fremont’s camp, the wagon tracks and the Old Spanish Trail.  Del Norte is also home to The Windsor Hotel, which has recently been restored to it’s former beauty and features hotel rooms and a dining room.

Spruce Lodge, built in 1927 in South Fork, was the first hotel, pool hall, barber shop, kitchen, and dining area for the men and women settling into the area. Spruce Lodge is still operating as a hotel and B&B.

The Silver Thread  Scenic Byway boasts a beautiful drive along the headwaters of the Rio Grande towards Creede, a historic silver mining town founded in 1890, that boasts an underground fire station, museum, and scenic drive past old mining artifacts and the location of the filming of The Lone Ranger.