40th Annual Monte Vista Crane Festival March 10-12, 2023
“Where the Cranes Meet the Mountains” 

Each year, thousands of Sandhill Cranes descend upon the wetlands and agricultural fields of the Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge during their biannual migration to rest and fuel up for the next leg of their journey.  During the spring migration, the refuge will host ninety-five percent, 18,000-21,000, of the Rocky Mountain population of the Greater Sandhill Cranes and another 5,000-6,000 Lesser Sandhill Cranes.  This stop-over at the Monte Vista Refuge is critical for the cranes during their migration. At this time of year, most food sources and quality crane habitat are either under snow or are frozen.  However, on the refuge, wetlands are filled, and grain fields are mowed to provide the cranes the two elements needed for their migration… food and roosting cover.  The peak migration period of cranes on the Monte Vista Refuge is around the first week of March and again around the second week of October.

2023 Schedule of Events

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Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge Near Monte Vista CO Crane Festival Schedule
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2023 Festival Information

Tours, talks and special event information for our 40th Anniversary Festival can be found on our Eventbrite page. Please click below to browse all the events.

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More Festival & Sandhill Crane Information

Crane Festival
Home & Craft Expo

For the 40th Anniversary of the Monte Vista Crane Festival, the Monte Vista Chamber of Commerce will hold the Crane, Craft and Home Expo at the new Outcalt Event and Conference Center at the Ski-Hi Complex.  Visitor Entrance is Free.

View Sandhill Cranes In March

Why the Cranes Migrate?

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Get Directions to Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge

Get Directions to Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge

Get Directions to Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge