Astronaut Kent Rominger Airport  – KRCV

Astronaut Kent Rominger Airport  – KRCV

The airport is named for our local celebrity. Astronaut Kent Rominger was born in Del Norte, Colorado and graduated from Del Norte High School in 1974. In 1978, he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Colorado State University, and in 1987 a Master of Science degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School. He is an American former astronaut, former NASA Chief of the Astronaut Office at Johnson Space Center, and a captain in the United States Navy. Rominger holds the Space Shuttle Orbiter flight time record with 1610 hours. He joined ATK Launch Systems Group in 2006 as Vice President of Advanced Programs. Selected by NASA in March 1992, Rominger reported to the Johnson Space Center in August 1992. He completed one year of training and qualified for assignment as a pilot on future Space Shuttle flight crews. Rominger was initially assigned to work technical issues for the Astronaut Office Operations Development Branch. He also served as Chief of the Astronaut Office Shuttle Operations Branch, and Deputy Director, Flight Crew Operations. A veteran of five space flights, Rominger has logged over 1,600 hours in space These were all as a STS Orbiter crew member, the highest total in this category. He flew as pilot on STS-73 in 1995, STS-80 in 1996 and STS-85 in 1997, and was crew commander on STS-96 in 1999 and STS-100 in 2001. Rominger served as Chief of the Astronaut Office and professional head of the NASA Astronaut Corps from 2002 to 2006, responsible for the mission preparation activities of all Space Shuttle and future International Space Station crews and their support personnel.

The Astronaut Kent Rominger Airport -KRCV is a General Aviation airport that supports the local flying community and visitors from all over the US. The airspace is not controlled so no commercial traffic utilizes our airport. We do have management staff onsite most days during business hours.

The airport has two runways:

  • Runway 6/24 is 6050′ long and 75′ wide. The surface is asphalt and is the main runway.
  • Runway 3/21  is 4812′ long. The surface is dirt and primarily used by our tailwheel aircraft.

We offer 100LL AvGas for the piston engine aircraft,  and  now offer Jet-A for the jet turbine powered airplanes and helicopters that are based here or visit our airport. This addition is most significant for the medical aircraft based here in Del Norte and the others based in Salida, Alamosa, Pagosa Springs, Durango and along the front range. Having Jet fuel available here makes their flight planning and useful range much more flexible. It is also significant for the Firefighting Aircraft that can now use our airport for refueling and base of operations depending on where the needs are.

Guardian Flight has a Fixed Wing medical aircraft based here at KRCV. They primarily serve Rio Grande Hospital and the other facilities in the Valley. Providing lifesaving transport to specialized care facilities and physicians along the Front Range and across the US.

KRCV has 34 hangars that are built and have 3 available tracts for lease, with future plans to have up to 81 tracts total available for lease. All the hangars at the airport are privately owned (Kent Rominger has one here). Rio Grande County & KRCV does not own any hangar space or offer hangars for lease. The Airport only leases land to private individuals or private companies that wish to build hangars.

The largest planes we land here are 10- 15 seat private jets. No commercial aircraft or large transport planes land here. KRCV primarily serves the local flying community and business owners in Colorado and Northern New Mexico. We are a destination airport for pilots and their passengers that own homes and businesses as well as visitors who enjoy our mountain area for skiing, hunting, flyfishing and more.  

We have a Pilot Shelter, a small building that has a kitchen, bathroom, showers and a couple of couches for the pilots to relax on. We also allow tent camping in the grass near the pilot shelter.  We are big supporters of the RAF (Recreational Aviation Foundation) they provided a generous grant to help build the pilot shelter.

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